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We’re on the Conscious Commerce Podcast by noissue!
Oct 22

We’re on the Conscious Commerce Podcast by noissue!

Header Image: noissue.

PSA 📢: Sustainable Packaging supplier, noissue. has launched a podcast! It’s called Conscious Commerce, and its aim is to show you that sustainability doesn’t have to be a scary word in business, featuring their global community of founders, executives and experts from around the world.⁠

Expect to hear from guests who run leading brands in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, Australia and further afield about how they grew their businesses, how they approach sustainability and social impact, and the change they’re working to make, in the world.

Flora, our Co-Founder + Head of Product has been featured on the 2nd episode, where she talks about the history of SupplyCompass and how we’re helping fashion brands embed sustainable principles through digitization.⁠

Conscious Commerce can be found on Spotify, Youtube, Buzzsprout and  Apple Music.

Key Takeaways

🇮🇳 Being in India, visiting factories made the disconnect with brands clear. Relationships used to be long-term but they’ve become transactional and one-sided.

📄 Asking a factory for certifications isn’t the place to start your relationship.

👩‍❤️‍👩 Brands and factories can set themselves up for better long-term relationships by moving past the transactional data exchange and constant chasing and instead focus on freeing up time for deeper connections.

🧩 Sustainable materials are a good start but just one piece of the big puzzle.

📆 Excel and Asana aren’t built for brand x supplier collaboration.

🔮 The businesses that succeed in the next 5 years will be those that rewire their supply chains like Allbirds, House of Baukjen and PANGAIA.

🌱 Start adopting digital tools across your business now if you want to be in a position to map your supply chain and have visibility into what you’re responsible for.

🏁 Don’t try and do everything, focus on one or two products and be transparent on where your supply chain is at.
Be clear about what you care about and hold to those one or two non-negotiables and stick to them. Explain what you can’t do — transparency for the win.

🌎 She wants the change to be that we don’t have to talk about sustainability because it’s the status quo. It needs to be more easy, accessible and cost-effective to do The Right Thing than work in the old way.

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Nayanika Bharadwaj
Sustainability and Marketing at SupplyCompass
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Nayanika is a designer, writer and illustrator whose work spans research, storytelling and strategy for sustainability in fashion. Her interests specifically lie in sustainable supply chains, craft production/innovation, circular economies and design for social innovation. She graduated from the prestigious MA Fashion Futures program at London College of Fashion with a Distinction in 2019, and has researched at and written for Centre for Sustainable Fashion and Fashion Revolution, amongst others.

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